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Business Name: Multi-functional polymeriation and polycondensation device

Intermittent/continuous technology can be used in experimental ploymeriation(small batches and value-added).
The equipment is designed to industrial Engineering,it can simulate the industrial production state.

In the intermittent technology, it will include one or two reactors; In the continuous technology, it will included three or four reactors.

Computer control system (PLC/DCS)

With the independent HTM or electricity heating system ,the temperatue is accurate and can be controlled,

Special casts design, when taking experiment and wash the reactors, the material will not be blocked up.

With the unique vacuum system, you don’t need to change the oil frequently, the vacuum state is stable, and the life span is long.

The experiment will be include : PET,PETG, PBT, PTT,PEN,PET elastomer, PBT. Elastomer, ployester-sizes and ect.

The full set device is  the combination of good quality and advanced technology of YangZhou Ruibang.

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