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Business Name: Direct Spinning Dacron by Polyester Wastes

The Resources of Raw Materials
Polyester wastes include:
 Waste polyester bottles
 Waste polyester pieces
 Waste polyester films
 Waste PETs
 Inviscid polyester
 Discharged raw materials
 Technical Roadmap
Similar to PTA direct esterification reation:
semi continunous PET polymerization-waste ployester alcoholysis-polycondensation-filter-prill-melted material output.

Waste ployester material melted by screw extruder to the horizontal polycondensation system (in the vaccum state, the material’s viscosity improved) - melted by Melt Polystyrene Pump-Filter-direct spinning.

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瑞邦化工 - 聚酯(PET)技术/聚酯工程/差别化聚酯/聚酯漆包线漆/固相增粘/水溶性聚酯浆料