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Business Name: Enameled Wire Lacquer decice

PE(130,155 grade),with the distinct advantages: big output.
but with it’s low heat-resistance and thermal-shock resistance, it can be used in the winding of ordinary motors.

PEI(180 grade), with the THEIC modified technology,the products will have better flexibility and adhesive property, and the output will be increased.

PU(B\F\H grade),with its’ good coating quality, will be 20% faster than normal products, it is suitable for tiny wires with high quality self-fluxing.

It also can provide another using channels for Polyester Wastes.

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瑞邦化工 - 聚酯(PET)技术/聚酯工程/差别化聚酯/聚酯漆包线漆/固相增粘/水溶性聚酯浆料