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Business Name: Intermittent/semi-continuous polymerization device

Single production line 3-60 tons output per day, intermittent/semi-continuous differentiation polyester device


With the compact device, short technical process, easily operation characteristics, the device can produce all kinds of modified polyester. Esterification in the normal pressure, feed the material continuously, and the technology is stable and operation is safe.

Esterification reaction will be triggered on the distinct point, it can fasten up the reaction speed, and to reduce the amount of by-products.

With the use of Esterification Reactor, it is easy to add all kinds of additive agent. And easy to produce modified products, it can also exchange assortment, and the operation time is short, if using the pre-polycondensation reactors, the capacity will be improved.

EG vacuum system decreased the using amount of EG and the waste water disposal amount.

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