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Business Name: continuous polymerization device

You can freely choose the reactors according to your own reqirement: such as three reactors, four reactors and five reactors.
Low temperature, low mol-ratio, tender reaction,low DEG
EG will be recycled online ,with the low power consumption.
Polycondensation vacuum system will not be blocked up. The viscosity will be tested on line, and the system can be controlled stably.
With the unique horizontal polycondensation reactor , adjustable manufacturing devices, it can produce all kinds of modified products continuously.
With the combined vertical pre-polycondensation reactors, it can reduce the power system(save energy) , save space and money.
Independently research and develop the tehnology and equipment.
The continuous polymerization device with 100 thousand tons above can use the major polymerization lines to match the small-batch lines, to produce small batches modified polyester, and to meet the direct spinning demands, save money, optimize the products’ structure, and meet the demands of the market.

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